Seoul and its surroundings: budget friendly accommodations and activities

By Nadia Sheng,

Do you love South Korea so much that you want to go there every chance you get? How about a budget friendly hotel in Seoul so you can save and spend on shopping? Or how about staying somewhere off the beaten path, away from the city centre? Here’s a roundup of all the best budget friendly accommodations in and around Seoul!

When to travel: travel during the Deepavali long weekend and catch the autumn leaves in the height of their beauty in Seoul!


Rian Hotel (Dongdaemun)

Rian Hotel represents the new face of boutique hotels – they’re modern, they act as cultural ambassadors to the city their located in, and serve up the high standards you’d expect to find at a luxury-end hotel. Just 10 minutes by metro to the Dongdaemun market, go wild with your beauty and fashion product stockpiling!

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Fraser Place Namdaemun

Just how spacious are the rooms? You can leave two large suitcases lying open in the middle of the floor and there’d still be ample room to move about! Located near the airport bus station, it’s super easy to reach. For entertainment purposes the hotel is right opposite the Namdaemun market and Myeongdong shopping district.

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Hamilton Hotel (Itaewon)

Located in the popular Itaewon area of Seoul, Hamilton Hotel is ideal for holiday makers wanting to soak up all Seoul has to offer. Start by soaking in the hotel’s own rooftop pool with sauna, and then take it to either Cakeshop Seoul or Pistil – two trendy clubs under 10 minutes by foot from the hotel.

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Paju Book City

Motif No.1

A family-run hotel located near Heyri Art Village that emulates the design concept of the artist’s village with its natural and minimalist interior design. While family-run, it has the luxuries of a large hotel with 24-hour front desk service and free parking for guests.

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Sangsang Madang Chuncheon Stay

The top rated Chuncheon hotel has both a modern room and a traditionally-themed Korean tatami room to satisfy all guests’ sleeping preferences. Whether you’re into Winter Sonata or not the island of Namisum is a must-visit and is an hour’s drive by car.

Well connected, with trains leaving every quarter of an hour, it takes a little over an hour from Chuncheon to Seoul by metro.

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Hotel Ora

Looks aren’t deceiving in the case of Hotel Ora – the high ceilings, clean design, and affordable prices are vouched for by guests. Guests particularly love the spacious bathrooms. Conveniently located by ICN, guests have direct access to beach-blessed Muuido Island, a scenic excursion with seafood restaurants.

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