The best hotel brunches in top SG travel destinations

By Nadia Sheng,

Everyone’s favourite (irregular) meal! The most opportune time to enjoy brunch is while on holiday as it’s best enjoyed when you haven’t a care in the world. Here’s a roundup of the best hotel brunches, ranging in theme from jazz & seafood to food in every shade of pink, at top five-star hotels in holiday destinations including Hong Kong, Bali and Pattaya. So make your next holiday a brunch holiday!


W Singapore – Sentosa Cove


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the kitchen table : The trendsetting W brand, famous for its pizzazz, youthfulness, hospitality, and food, has a special something for you. Close your eyes, stick out your hands and imagine being handed a mix-tape from your first crush. That’s how the Sunday Remix 2.0 brunch at W Singapore – Sentosa Cove feels. Refreshing and soul-warming, the vast list of brunch dishes includes wood-fried pizzas, Kway Teow Soup, lots of types of cheese, seafood, and delicious salads served in cheese wheels. With overturned tables on the ceiling, lots of natural light, colorful balloons and a lovely, rustic, brunch counter display, the dining experience is absolutely delightful.

Sunday 12.30 PM to 4 PM
S$128++ per adult inclusive of free-flowing soft drinks, coffee & tea
S$148++ per adult inclusive of free-flowing house red/white wine & cocktails
S$178++ per adult inclusive of free-flowing champagne, house red/white wine & cocktails with pool access
S$48++ per child (four to 6 years of age)
S$78++ per child (seven to 12 years of age)
(Free flow ends at 3.30 PM)

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore


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Colony : Winner of Wine & Dine Best Restaurant Guide’s Best Champagne Brunch 2016, this is the heart-of-the-city luxury hotel’s Vintage Champagne Brunch. As the restaurant’s name alludes to, the restaurant’s theme is British-colonial. Brunch goers will enjoy delightful plates including lobster laksa, Singapore chilli crab, gourmet dim sum favourites, Tandoor oven specialties, gula melaka ice cream, and much more in the company old maps, bespoke furniture, and postcards of Britannia.

Sunday 12 PM to 3.30 PM
S$188 per adult inclusive of free-flowing  Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Blanc 2006, Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Rosé 2004, selected cocktails/mocktails, house red/white wine, draft beer & soft drinks
S$94 per child (six to 12 years of age) inclusive of free-flowing soft drinks & fruit flavoured mineral water
S$47 per child (three to five years of age) inclusive of free-flowing soft drinks & fruit flavoured mineral water
(Last order at 3.15 PM)

Hong Kong

The Mira


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WHISK: The Mira’s reputation for putting on a good brunch has garnered quite the following. See what all the hoot is about during your trip to Hong Kong by staying at Tsim Sha Tsui’s best contemporary five star and experiencing three very different brunch experiences. By far the property’s most fun brunch is the WHISK’s monthly Sunday Pink Brunch. A smorgasbord of desserts in every shade of pink imaginable is yours. Wash those cakes down, Marie Antoinette, with rosé champagne, wines, and cocktails. Of course there are savoury options; after all we want you give you the option to pace yourself and not OD on sugar, including charcuterie, freshly shucked oysters, and crispy suckling pig. Brunch-goers also get their choice of pink-themed mains which include foie gras and Wagyu Beef Burger and Risotto Cake with Pink Salmon and Egg.

Sunday 12 February, 12 March, 16 April, 14 May (check back for future dates)
S$117 per adult inclusive of free-flowing soft drinks and juices
S$144 per adult inclusive of free-flowing Minuit Rose wines & cocktails
S$163 per adult inclusive of Moët & Chandon Brut Rosé Champagne, Minuit Rose wines & cocktails
S$73 per child inclusive of free-flowing soft drinks and juices

The Mira


Cuisine Cuisine: While the idea of an international brunch sounds great, do you always end up plating only the food from the Chinese corner? Yes? Then the Oriental Brunch at Cuisine Cuisine is where you ought to brunch next! Cantonese dim sum is the original brunch (while the western concept of brunch originated in England in the late 19th century, the Cantonese have been eating their steam dumplings on weekends for either morning or afternoon tea for centuries). At Cuisine Cuisine, sparkling wines are served alongside premium teas. Dim sum is extremely personal – each family has their own repertoire that they don’t deviate from. Diners will be please to know the Oriental Brunch will give families a chance to introduce new entrants to their list given the Cantonese restaurant has several of its own creations including the mushroom and truffle dumpling, taro puff with chicken and foie gras, and steamed purple potato with lily bulbs dumpling.

Saturday 11.30 AM to 2.30 PM
S$92 per adult inclusive of free-flowing soft drinks & juice
S$119 per adult inclusive of free-flowing wines


Anantara Siam Bangkok


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Aqua/Madison/Spice Market : Sunday Brunch at this centrally located five-star includes the option of free-flow vintage champagne – the only brunch in Bangkok to do so. While all the food served remains the same, brunch goers can choose which restaurant they’d like to be seated in. Each restaurant’s ambiance is unique, unlike the other. Dine alfresco at Aqua at Madison for a contemporary vibe, or at Spice Market for a more ethnic feel. The gourmet food that fills each station consists of foie gras, prime ribs, Thai specialties, fresh seafood, and a lot of pastries and sweet breakfast foods.

Sunday 11.30 AM to 3 PM
S$121 per adult inclusive of free-flowing soft drinks, juices, mocktails & water
S$132 per adult inclusive of free-flowing Prosecco, house red/white wine, beers, house spirits, juices & soft drinks
S$166 per adult inclusive of free-flowing Taittinger N/V Brut Reserve, house red/white wine, beers, house spirits, juices & soft drinks
S$385 per adult inclusive of free-flowing Taittinger Rose and Vintage Brut Champagne, house red/white wine, beers, house spirits, juices, and soft drinks
S$61 per child (six to 12 years of age)

Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort


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Trader Vic’s : The food served at Trader Vic’s Sunday Brunch is a tribute to Polynesian culture. Pull up a seat beside the river followed by a plate of charcoal grilled meats including quail and crocodile as well as less exotic, but equally as scrumptious of course, buffet fare. Just look that that those crustaceans above! Your journey through tropical paradise isn’t complete without a cocktail in tote which there’s a free flow of with the standard brunch package – a steal at just S$80! Oh, and there’s also the equally as important desserts as one’s brunch experience can only come full circle by ending on a sweet note.

Sunday 11.30 AM to 3 PM
S$80++ per adult inclusive of free-flowing soft drinks, juices & cocktails
S$120++ per adult inclusive of all of the above plus house wines/sparkling wine & beers
S$38 per child (six to 12 years of age)


The Mulia Bali


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Soleil : And the brunch with the prettiest view award goes to…Sunday Brunch at Soleil! With Soleil’s seafront location, it’s no wonder it’s among the world’s most luxurious brunch restaurants. While you may feel compelled to fill your plate to the brim with seafood (emulating the brunch’s seafood tower) remember you can make as many visits to the brunch stations between 11 AM to 3 PM (brunch hours). More food evocative of the seaside includes fresh oysters, tuna tartare, squid and other pan-Asian tapas. Be warned – people have been known to go missing at the dessert table. Foodies are in for a treat as brunch goers are permitted to order anything from the à la carte menu! We may be ruining a surprise but diners can also expect the chef to bring out special plates not on the menu.

Sunday 11 AM to 3 PM
S$57 per adult inclusive of free-flowing mocktails, juices, soft drinks & iced tea
S$93 per adult inclusive of free-flowing red/white/sparkling whine, beers, cocktails/mocktails, juices, soft drinks & iced tea
S$33 per child (three to 8 years of age)


Peninsula Manila


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Escolta: Approach the brunch counters at the Peninsula Manila’s Sunday Champagne Brunch with caution. Plate in hand, make sure you pace yourself and have a general idea of which flavours you want to experience during your time here. Know you’ll be up against lobster and other fresh seafood, traditional Filipino favourites, as well as everything imaginable to put on bread including cured cuts and artisan cheese. Escolta’s farm-to-table concept is evident in the rustic styling of it’s brunch buffet spread. The rest of the restaurant gives off an old-meets-new atmosphere, designed to emulate 19th century Manila with contemporary art. Foodies, be sure to also enjoy The Peninsula’s afternoon tea in The Lobby – a true Manila tradition.

Sunday 12 PM to 3 PM
S$67 per adult
S$90 per adult inclusive of free-flowing local beers, juices & soft drinks
S$121 per adult inclusive of free-flowing Moët & Chandon
S$42 per child


Banyan Tree Phuket


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Watercourt: If Go Live Sunday Seafood Brunch had a theme-song, it’d be Rock Lobster given that there’s live jazz music and 5 different lobster dishes (not including those from the grill station). Alongside the live entertainment, brunch goers can partake in water activities (after sufficient rest in between courses of course) such as waterball and stand up paddle. There’s also a lot of turf to go with the surf. Favourites include Wagyu beef, Spanish Jamón and lots of other Spanish tapas. There’s so much to enjoy at Phuket’s top rated five-star including the Spa Pool Villa – the hotel’s couple’s only retreat – which allows guests complete privacy and their very own waterfall and pool. 

Sunday 12 PM to 3.30 PM
S$113 per adult
S$137 per adult inclusive of free-flowing beer, selected cocktails, Bloody Mary Station & soft drinks
S$162 per adult inclusive of free-flowing selected wines or sparkling wine


The Vijitt Resort Phuket


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The Savoury Restaurant : Savour the view at Savoury’s Sunday Brunch Buffet. While we’re taught not to make assumptions, in this case you’d be correct in assuming, as far as brunches go, this beach-side resort serves up the best quality and range of seafood. Alongside seafood still in their shells, there’s also seafood that paid a visit to the sushi chef first. Allow the wonderful service here to pop a bottle of complementary bubbly at your table while you move on to your favourite hot Thai dishes. The resort is known as being a great option for 

Sunday 12pm to 3pm
S$52 per adult inclusive of free-flowing soft drinks
S$76 per adult inclusive of a bottle of wine per couple
S$129 per adult inclusive of a bottle of champagne per couple
S$26 per child (six to 12 years of age)


Hilton Pattaya


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Edge Restaurant : Brunch with a View at Edge Restaurant is on every Sunday in this beachside five-star – known to be one of Thailand’s best hotels. Satisfy your Thai cravings and indulge in flights of food fancy with as much caviar, tiger prawns, and sashimi as your heart desires. And as the best value for money brunch on our list, we love it even more! Bright, Scandi style interiors give you all the reason to spend the whole duration of the three hour brunch period in your seat, savouring the views and the food. Guests can sit outdoors on the terrace which touches the sea – we can’t think of anyplace better to enjoy seafood than by the water. Come back for dinner to catch the sunset. 

Sunday 12pm to 3pm
S$53 per adult
S$61 per adult inclusive of sparkling wine
S$30 per child (six to 12 years of age)


Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers


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FEAST Restaurant : Seafood Party on Sunday Brunch is the five star’s brunch, featuring local Indonesian fare including nasi tutug oncom, and the most-loved international brunch dishes. One of the best halal restaurants in Bandung, brunch lovers with dietary restrictions will be able to enjoy a lot more choices than at other brunches. On offer is fresh seafood, as the brunch’s name implies, and the best of the rest, namely prime cuts and gourmet Asian noodles. Ideal for families, brunch goers can swim for free and kids can enjoy the Kids Corner. Rooms rates are also great, with nightly rates starting from S$147.

Sunday 12 PM to 3 PM
S$26 per adult
S$13 per child